I am Ryan Griffith.

Family and music are my life...

...and anything that is electronic.




I love music.

I was born in Maryland and have lived here my entire life. I share my life with my beautiful and understanding wife Rebecca. We have two adorable girls, Alannah and Gabriella. I cannot be more thankful for the full support my family offers to my ever-busy music schedule. It is extremely generous for my wife to put up with my schedule and I thank her dearly for her tolerance.

When I'm not pulling my hair out in my house of estrogen or doing something musical, I enjoy photography, biking, hiking, tennis, nature, and anything that has an on switch.



Immediately following high school I began studying Vocal Performance in college. After two years, I decided I needed to change my direction of study. I began focusing on computers and have since graduated with a degree in Computer Forensics.


Jazz & Barbershop

My family is also very passionate about music. My father, Steve Griffith, has been heavily involved in music his entire life. Coming from a musical family, he instilled a passion for the arts and is responsible for my general interest in music. After joining the Society himself, he began bringing me to chapter meetings at the age of 7. I immediately took a fancy to the tight harmonies of barbershop and have been hooked ever since. I've been fortunate enough to have sung in several quartets with my father and also in the chorus.

I have been involved in vocal singing for several years. I studied vocal production under a private instructor and have taken multiple years of music education studies in college. Before switching to computers, I studied vocal performance with a concentration in theory and jazz. I have played the piano for over 15 years, which aids immensely in the recording process.

Before becoming more active in the Society, I sang in a 20-piece big band that performed all over the east coast. I officially joined the Society 13 years ago and since have competed in a plethora of quartets and choruses. Of most recent note, I sang tenor in New Release. We were honored to receive silver medals in 2005 and 2006 while competing in the International Collegiate contest. In the fall of 2007 we became the 2008 Mid-Atlantic District Quartet Champions. It is a complete honor to now be among some of our Society's greatest that belong to the MADAQC. I am also a proud member of the Chorus of the Chesapeake (Dundalk, MD) and the 2010 International Bronze medalist chorus, the Alexandra Harmonizers. These guys are all the best around and I look forward to rehearsals weekly!



I currently work for the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3). DC3 was created as a DoD center of excellence to efficiently organize, equip, train, and employ scarce resources to more effectively address the proliferation of computer crimes affecting the DoD.

In my spare time I freelance web design and make occasional learning tracks.



??? - Who knows... Hopefully one day I'll hit the lottery (that I don't buy tickets for) and move to a small island that has Wi-Fi.


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